Prävention von Ausbildungsabbrüchen durch frühzeitige individuelle Beratung

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Counselling as Innovative Dropout Prevention

Are you an instructor, a teacher, a career officer, a case manager or connected with vocational training by some other means? Or are you responsible for basic and continuous training of professionals working in vocational education and do you want to train you staff to a high level of qualification and equip them well for the tasks ahead? Then the PraeLAB-project should be of great interest to you!

As the goal of the PraeLAB-project is to improve the prevention of dropout,
the participating organisations will develop and test specific tools as well
as holistic concepts in counselling.

The project focuses on a tool that allows to diagnose key competences in vocational training, to get feedback on these competences as well as on the transfer of innovative approaches in holistic counselling of trainees with a high risk of drop out.