Prävention von Ausbildungsabbrüchen durch frühzeitige individuelle Beratung

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The Diagnostic Tool


The project has focused on the transfer and the adaptation of a tool developed in Switzerland, "Diagnosis and feedback of transversal competences in vocational training" as well as on innovative counselling approaches in dropout prevention. The transfer of the tool took place first at a regional level. The regional differences in economic and social conditions, the specific labour market situations and the particular dropout rates in various occupational sectors were taken into account and special attention was given to professions in SMEs.

The online tool smk

With the help of the online tool smk, competences and dropout tendencies can be detected. Using a questionnaire, apprentices evaluate themselves. At the same time their vocational trainers and teachers also assess them. Tables and graphs inform about the results and on the detection of a dropout risk, appropriate measures can then be offered.

Qualifying vocational training professionals

Teachers, vocational trainers, vocational counsellors and case managers are trained to use the tool, to interpret results and to counsel youth at risk of dropping out.