Prävention von Ausbildungsabbrüchen durch frühzeitige individuelle Beratung

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„PraeLab“ – Prevention of dropouts from VET

Early detection of trainee’s dropout risks and individual, low-threshold counseling

In Europe, the number of people who drop out of vocational training has been at a constantly high and unacceptable level for many years. This is true for countries with a dual vocational training set-up as well as for those with a more traditional educational system. A dropout carries serious risks for an individual’s career as well as economic risks for the training company. In small and medium-sized companies in particular, dropout not only causes economic damage but also reduces their willingness to train apprentices in the future.
The research project PraeLab has the objective of improving the prevention of training dropouts by establishing an "early warning system". This allows experts in educational and vocational guidance to identify young people with latent or acute dropout risk at an early state and deliver effective advice and support. 
PraeLab has four focal points:
First is the promotion of systematic cooperation and networking amongst all who are involved in vocational training: trainers, teachers, counsellors and case managers.
The second aim is the provision of valid and approved tools for identification of apprentices with high dropout risk. The instrument developed in Switzerland on the diagnosis of and on the feedback of dropout risk is modified. Its focus is set on diagnosis and feedback of key competencies in the field of vocational education.
In addition to this innovative methods of holistic counselling of adolescents with high dropout risk with particular attention paid to young people with a migration background as well as on gender aspects is implimented.
And at last a training concept for the qualification of staff in the field of vocational training and counselling is developed and accredited.

From 2010 to 2012, the project was part of the EU-program "Leonardo da Vinci". Since October 2012, PraeLab is continued as a HdBA’s own research project on both campus.